Thursday, November 19, 2009

Power yoga - 30 day challenge

For those of you who are interested in 'power yoga' (the name seems scary, but the exercises aren't that difficult), here is an instructor that teaches 30 sets of different poses which can be done over 30 days. These videos are absolutely wonderful.

Hatha Yoga Tutorials

The best I found on youtube, explains 8 sets of asanas. The theory behind the asanas are explained well. Practical demonstration is excellent. Simple to start with for beginners. There are 11 tutorial series to practice at home.

Try !

Yoga - a start

We always hear about benefits of yoga and how it influences our mind positively, provides physical strength and a whole 'fitness' package. Nevertheless, for folks who haven't exercised for years, it is difficult to 'get out of the mental block' that they need to start somewhere and yoga seems difficult (especially looking at the difficult postures). For those folks, some facts,

1. The yoga gurus say that it is never too late to start practicing yoga.

2. Yoga brings energies into the 'chakras' located on our spine, thus supplying more energy, oxygen and blood flow in those areas of the body that are rarely used. The chakras control specific mental & physical functions of the body and simple yoga asanas helps our body perform these functions efficiently. The more these areas of our body are not visited, the muscles get tightened, less blood flow to them and leads to physical and mental pain.

3. All that one needs to do is to start with simple asanas. Even the simple asanas bring great results (that is beauty of yoga). As days go by, you will feel that it is a self massage that you are providing to yourself.

4. Yoga also helps to develop will power, discipline and brings clarity & calmness to our minds. As one grows old, one loses balance (physically) and practicing yoga (balancing poses) prevents this.